Inspirational Women: Sherrie Silver

Sherrie Silver has been dancing her way into our hearts this summer and she continues to inspire us with her generosity!

Over a year ago, Sherrie opened a home for homeless children in her native country, Rwanda, offering rehabilitation to the young kids and their families. With a roof over their heads, the children are able to focus on their education for the first time, ensuring they have a bright future ahead of them.

Sadly, the current property that Sherrie is renting may be sold to a local company and knocked down. She is campaigning and raising funds to purchase the house so that the Children can live there permanently.

We at Paolita love that Sherrie is giving back to her community and want to join her in campaigning for the Children Of Destiny House.

You can donate via this link:

Maguey Jumpsuit

Sherrie looks great in our Maguey Jumpsuit whilst on her recent trip to Rwanda!