Prints of Cocktails: Paloma & Banana Daquiri

Dive into our SS24 Club Tropicana Prints of Cocktails: Paloma & Banana Daquiri.

Prints of Cocktails

There are many elements of the warmer months that we have loved and romanticized since the very beginning. The waves, the golden sand, the boats, the sun, the list is endless. But there is one of the less celebrated summer classics, we wanted to highlight and draw inspiration from. None other could rightfully replace the haze, sweetness and summer stamp only cocktails have. And with that in mind Paloma and Banana Daquiri prints were created.

From the colors to the cut, from the idea to the execution and, from Anna Paola’s mind to your hands, the garments have been created to remind you to stay young, bold and enjoy all the small pleasures of life, during summer but not only then. So, dive, run, laugh, live in print and style.


Together, Paloma and Banana Daiquiri weave a tapestry of summer romance and adventure, each print a testament to the beauty and diversity of the world around us. From the bright elegance of Paloma to the vibrant exuberance of Banana Daiquiri, these enchanting creations invite you to embrace the spirit of summer and revel in its boundless possibilities.

So, raise a glass to the magic of resort wear inspired by cocktails, and let the journey begin. Cheers to Paloma and Banana Daiquiri, and to the beauty that lies in every sip and every stitch.

With love,