Our Sustainability Pledge

At Paolita, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. We believe in the idea of investing in high-quality pieces that last, and our designs are created with this philosophy in mind. Our collections are designed to be timeless and to stand the test of time.

In order to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact, we produce our collections in small batches, avoiding overproduction and excess stock. Our low-waste approach to manufacturing includes intuitive design, sustainable production practices and re-usable and recycled packaging.

As a responsible fashion brand, we are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices. We are constantly researching and exploring new technologies to move away from virgin materials and to incorporate recycled options wherever possible. We also believe in fair labor practices and work exclusively with factories that pay fair wages and adhere to ethical and environmental codes of conduct.

In addition, we are committed to sourcing materials as close to our manufacturing base as possible, with 90% of our suppliers currently based in Europe. We recognize that sustainability is a work in progress, and we are dedicated to continuing our efforts towards becoming as sustainable and ethical as possible.