Ischia: The Little White Dress

Timeless pieces your wardrobe needs.


Everyone with no exception, knows the power and historicity of the “Little Black Dress”. But, since Paolita is a place where fashion is reimagined and constantly revolutionized, we had something different in mind and heart. From the Greek islands to every corner and wave of the Mediterranean Sea, we imagined a strong, elegant and romantic woman in a “little white dress” taking calm steps on the sand.


The Ischia Dress is the image of that woman coming alive. The purity and elegance of the white color, reflecting softly the sun combined with a material that flows in the breeze and compliments the body like no other. Of course, elements of Paolita can be found in the smallest details that make a real difference when it comes to a garment. The attention to the cut and obviously a show stopper belt.

Simplicity often conceals hidden treasures. That is why Ischia’s greatest power lies in none other than the linings. A colorful detail peeking out, a burst of vibrant hues against the white canvas. With every movement, a playful dance of colors reveals itself, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the understated beauty of the dress. This unexpected touch transforms the dress from ordinary to extraordinary, capturing the essence of joy and spontaneity in its elegance.

With love,