PAOLITA Presents: Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Month

With International Women’s Day approaching, this year PAOLITA celebrates the month of March with a brand new wellness and mindfulness series.

With International Women’s Day approaching, this year we wanted to celebrate the month of March with an exciting new event series.

As many of you know, PAOLITA is a female-run business, founded by Creative Director Anna Paola and every March we love championing inspiring women from the past and present that continue to touch our lives in such a positive way.

Historically centred around female strength and empowerment,  this year PAOLITA presents ‘Mind Body Soul – For Women By Women’ a series of events hosted at our Flagship Store in collaboration with female practitioners from a range of expertise, of whom are all leaders in their fields.

With self-love and mindfulness being so important in today’s climate, where so many of us feel overwhelmed on a daily basis with the constant juggle, we want to celebrate not just IWD, but the month of March with a series of lifestyle sessions that we hope will bring calm, focus, reflections and most importantly some precious “me time”.

Since opening our beautiful flagship store, we have loved the opportunity it has afforded us to meet so many of our existing clients, as well as nurture our growing community of like-minded women, who continue to support us daily on our journey as we grow.

The three-part series will combine yoga & sound bath meditation, an intimate life coaching session, and a final panel discussion with three amazing female entrepreneur’s, each of which has carved their stellar career, within the wellness space.

On our list of collaborators for this exciting series, PAOLITA includes boutique yoga studio East of Eden, Sound Meditation Practitioner Tamara Klein and Life Coach, Alyonka Larionov.

If you would like to join us throughout March for one of the wellness sessions, please click through to our Event Brite page here.

You can find details below of each of the sessions.

Thursday 17th

Into the Unknown Workshop

Alyonka Larinov Life Coach

One of our most primal fears is the fear of The Unknown. The Unknown is unpredictable, ambiguous, uncharted, undiscovered, filled with things we have yet to discover.

About This Event

Coming close to it we begin to step into fear as it manifests in our bodies and minds as nervousness, anxiety, worry, and a sense of discomfort, we tend to lean into forming coping mechanisms, one’s that are often very harmful and counterproductive.

Our society does not provide a space for us to Flex our Fear Muscle. That is why Alyonka Larionov created IN THE UNKNOWN Workshop- because facing fear head-on is the only way to find freedom.

What does it provide?

A space for one to access The Unknown by stepping into the depths of its’ discomfort and navigating one’s way out of it leaves one feeling empowered with a sense of control and belief that you are able to handle life’s ebbs and flows.

Guided and Moderated by Alyonka Larionov, the principle of IN THE UNKNOWN Workshop is to provide a space for ALL to step into their fear of The Unknown, to unpack its’ Discomfort through conversation and active listening, and to create a roadmap that will allow one to lead the life they look to live.

With the help of speaking, active listening, and guidance from Alyonka, you will find clarity in order to lead the life you’ve been wanting to live.

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Tuesday 8th

Tamara Klein x East of Eden

Yin Yoga & Sound Immersion

8th March marks International Women’s Day and we are delighted to invite you to a series of wellness events taking place at the flagship store of British premium womenswear and lifestyle brand PAOLITA.

About this Event

To kick off the first of this series, join East of Eden’s Natalie Owen and sound meditation practitioner Tamara Klien, on a sensorial journey of experiencing the deep connection of the physical body with mind and soul, through vibrations.

Everything is vibration and this invigorating morning practice, aimed at honouring and celebrating the women in our lives, is exploring how sound balances and connects mind, body and soul.

Starting off with an intention setting, Natalie will guide a gentle, rejuvenating yin yoga practise that taps into your inner power residing in the solar plexus. Allow to fully surrender in the long-held asanas, whilst being wrapped in a safe cocoon of angelical sounds, from the Alchemy crystal singing bowls.

In an extended savasana at the end of this session, you will be sound bathed by Tam in binaural beats as she plays the Gongs.

Unravelling the realms of your superconscious below the level of conscious awareness, you might find yourself connecting with the divine feminine energy.

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Wedesday 23rd

Mind, Body, Soul Panel Talk

Tamara Klein, Alyonka Larionov & Abby McLachlan

The finale of our three-part Wellness Series welcomes a morning panel discussion with the three amazing female entrepreneurs behind our series, each of which has carved their stellar career, within the wellness space.

About this Event

We sit down with East of Eden founder Abby McLachlan, sound meditation practitioner Tamara Klien and life coach Alyonka Larionov to discuss Women’s wellness, U-turn career changes and much, much more over a morning of coffee, juices and female-empowerment.

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In the meantime, if you have any further questions about our upcoming events, do not hesitate to drop us an email on [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you!

With Love,