The One Piece Edit

The fun of a bikini is without question.

The One Piece Edit

It is always the way to stay cool and tan like a dream in the warmer days. And even though we offer the widest selection of both printed and more minimal sets to keep you covered for summers to come, we can not possibly overlook the timelessness and allure of a one piece. It is choice that can make an outfit out of your swimwear and a sight to remember. Every one-piece we have created was designed to exude a different feeling and awaken a different sense. Nonetheless we picked a few of our most loved pieces and we share them with you.

Sorrento Electra one-piece is a creation deeply inspired by the greens of nature that coexist with the revival of summer tropicality.

Subtle, yet with parts that make it unique like the sixties inspired lined belt and cut accents like the one shoulder detail, it is story of different styles coming together in one sweet elegant piece.

If Paolita can do one thing right, that one thing is to take life’s small pleasures and make fashion out of them.

Bora Bora Sonnet One Piece is one of the many examples of this exact quality of our creative team. Making a one piece that stands out without being excessive and over the top comes down to the story behind a print and the harmony it exudes. Taking the idea of tropical fruits, their colors and shapes to make a print and combining it with soft straps and flattering buckles is the recipe for a truly unique garment.

Sometimes a very clear and timeless cut is the way to go when it comes to a one piece.

It’s easy and you trust it throughout every summer to be your ‘ride or die’. A touch of character though, is needed even in the most classic of lines and simple of designs. That is exactly where the right print comes to play. Malibu Sunset is a print for the seekers of serenity and boldness, the ones that wear the heart on the sleeve and the sky’s beauty on their one piece.

With love,