Blue Lagoon & Positano: Dripped in Blue

An outfit of blue at this time of year is not like any other, it makes a statement.

Blue Lagoon & Positano: Dripped in Blue

There is only one common word that appears in everyone’s mind when they think of summertime. Lucky ones have it just two steps outside their door and others long for it throughout the year, only to have their patience be rewarded in these warmer months. But what a reward must we admit. The sea, the waves meeting distant and closer shores will never stop being the greatest inspiration for summer art of any form, and of course, the art that can be lived through: fashion, style and elegance. An outfit of blue at this time of year is not like any other, it makes a statement.

With that source of inspiration in our minds and in our atelier, prints and styles came to life. Choosing the perfect shades of blue, green and their aquatic outcome is not a task we take lightly but summer fashion is worth every shade, style, cut and creation.


Blue Lagoon print is place where this dance of different blue shades comes together. Along with Paolita’s stamp of expertise in creating storytelling designs, this print exudes the exotic elegance one seeks out in every summer outing, from the beloved beach to the seaside restaurant, straight to the fruity cocktails in the breeze of their summer nights. The print of tropical flowers, island leaves and rare birds promises to refresh this summer with the style and beauty of the seas.

On the other side of our love for the waters, lies a simpler, yet still dazzling approach. Positano, in both name and design is what we call true Mediterranean. One color can say a lot, if it is the one, and Positano is definitely ‘the one’. With a cut that flatters everyone with no exception, and with the complimenting white details of subtle linings and geometric buckles that bring a Greek touch, a sweet nod to Anna Paola’s roots, wearing a Positano piece is wearing summer itself.

With love,