Arabian Nights
Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, in a faraway desert kingdom, a sultan’s wife, named Scheherazade, started telling him a story to spare her life. This story ended up continuing for a thousand and one nights and was filled with genies and flying carpets, thieves and sailors, sorcerers and magicians, and many other otherworldly beings.




This year Paolita’s collection captures the magical fairy tales that were first told in these Arabian Nights and then passed on through generations to influence everything from Parisian ballets to stories on the silver screen. The intricate hand-drawn designs take inspiration from elements of classical Arabian architecture and culture, but also from later interpretations of the stories such as their performances by the Ballet Russes.




Much like Scheherazade’s stories of legend, Anna Paola aims to transport the women who wear Paolita to a faraway, magical world, while also bringing that world’s timeless, beautiful essence closer to ours.


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Arabian Nights

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Pavo Real

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Daphne & Calypso

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Core Classics

Our Core Classics are fresh and summery. They can be worn with any print or worn exclusively on their own. These versatile hues are a staple in any summer wardrobe, easily taking you from day to night. 

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