Introducing Lifestyle & Wellness Brand, Kalmar

Karen Ruimy, founder of Kalmar was born in Morocco and raised in Paris. At the age of 28, after spending 8 years working in the financial industry, swapped her life of finance for wellness and decided to pursue her love and passion for spiritual healing through writing, dance, music and philanthropy.

Ever authentic, Karen wants to share her lifes work of realigning the mind, body and soul through energy and intention-setting, allowing every individual to experience their own unique journey to wellbeing.

Kalmar is centred around the four states which guide every element of our existence. Joy, Calm, Peace & Love.

The wellbeing collection works by awakening the senses, with powerful, exquisite scents – conceived by Karen and created in close collaboration with a world-renowned perfumer. The textures and scents are designed with a decadent experience in mind and have the ability to enhance your mood and rebalance your energy, whilst nourishing your skin.

Every piece in the Kalmar collection is sustainably sourced, and made in a manner that is mindful of the world around us.


The Calm Collection

Experience a moment of stillness, to restore and rebalance your spirit. Discover presence, clarity and composure with the Calm Collection; reset your emotional compass for the way ahead.

Joy Energise Body Lotion

A vivid, enlivening scent and a nourishing formula, the Joy Energise Body Lotion provides a gentle and optimistic uplift of energy, while revitalising, soothing and hydrating the skin. Apply it after your morning shower for an essence that will inspire you all day.

The Love Collection

Experience a moment of gratitude with the Love Collection, to honour your innermost self. Show compassion for your soul and surrender to your senses; listen to the harmony of your heart.

Peace Balm of Serenity

Pocket-sized and portable, the Peace Balm of Serenity restores calm, grounds the spirit and reconnects the mind and the soul. To use, run a clean finger across the surface of the balm to soften, and dab gently onto pulse points on the wrists, neck and behind the ears.