Behind the lens at Paolita

Nikos Papadopoulos is the man who is behind all our editorial imagery at Paolita. As one of my favourite photographers, and now good friend, I wanted to showcase work that he has done outside of the brand.

I have asked him to select from his vast work, a few images and talk to us about them.


Anna Paola

Rony for Ρarisian 'I heart' Magazine

During the photoshoot there was a lot of friction between us and the archaeologists as we were shooting in front of some Athenian monuments, although we had all the legal rights to do so as we were outside their perimeter.

We finally gave way to them, but luckily, I managed to get some amazing shots!

Thea for 'I heart' Magazine

I loved working with Thea, a British model whose name means goddess in Greek!  This was for the same editorial as the picture above.  It was shot in front of the temple of Poseidon in the cape of Sounio.

Diana Moldovan for Harpers Bazaar

I photographed top model, Diana Moldovan for Harpers Bazaar on a speeding boat.  This was a very difficult image to achieve as shooting at high speed is not an easy thing to do.

Window to Paris

Hannah Julie in Goth for the Parisian Reckon Albums

Alicja Tubilewicz for Marie Claire.

Vala Thorsteinsson for Vogue

I photographed Danish model, Vala Thorsteinsson for Vogue Hellas back in 2005 at the Achilleo Museum in Korfu. Unfortunately, although this was the suggested cover for that issue by the art director of Vogue, it was not used as ultimately she was deemed too blond for a Greek magazine.

Nomas Magazine

Back to punk with Alina and Elli (Athenian actress/dancer) a Louis Vuitton and Nomas Magazine exclusive.

Nomas Magazine

Nicole Gregorczuk layered during a cold day for Nomas Magazine

Girl Watching TV