New York's Bikini Sculpture

Sculptor, Ioanna Pantazopoulou got her hands on Paolita and build a monument out of bikinis.

Ioanna Pantazopoulou creates ephemeral monuments and large installations that aim to disrupt, transform and challenge the habitual approach one takes to spaces and objects. Ioanna questions and explores the physical and functional properties of materials and discarded objects.

Ioanna created a temporary residence in Safe Gallery in Brooklyn, by altering the space with a large-scale bikini hut. Ioanna’s sculptures are created on site, therefore the space becomes a vital component to the development of the work. The outcome, simultaneously rough, fragile, and ambiguous, provides a trace of her activity. The viewer is presented with a hypnotic web of interlocking bikinis used as a curtain wall for the structure. The roof of the dwelling is composed of an excess of tinsel streamers.

The sculpture now resides in the D. Daskalopoulos Collection.

It is important. Because I use a big quantity of it, whatever material I use, whether it’s toilet paper or previously I’ve used pasta or vintage motorcycle jackets. They wind up becoming building materials. In real life they’ve lost their function because they exist but then they don’t exist because they cannot be sold as a product, but they have another life in the sculpture.
Ioanna Pantazopoulou