Our collections re-enforce our meticulous approach to design, our attention to detail, and our passion of form.

Indigo Dreams

Paolita’s Resort collection, ‘Indigo Dreams’, takes you on an exciting journey through mainland Mexico; where the cultures of three continents have collided to create the unique Mexico of today. Untangle a rich tapestry, woven together by European, North African and pre-Columbian influences, that over hundreds of years combined to form Mexico’s vibrant, energetic and spirited identity.

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Inspired by the red hibiscus flowers found in Mauritius, this dress is perfect for any summer occasion and a wardrobe must-have.

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Designed in collaboration with Scarlett De La Torre, 20% of the profits from this collection will be donated to ADM. Read more about the humanitarian mission on our blog!

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White Core Classics

Our white core classics are fresh and summery. They can be worn with almost any print or worn exclusively on their own.

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Inspired by warm summer vacations by the Mexican Riviera and covered by beautiful yellow flowers, The Adelita collection is the perfect print to mix and match with our White Core Classics.

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