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Mexican Riviera

Paolita’s Spring-Summer collection, ‘Mexican Riviera’, takes you on an exciting journey through mainland Mexico; where the cultures of three continents have collided to create the unique country of today. Untangle a rich tapestry, woven together by European, North African and pre-Columbian influences, that over hundreds of years combined to form Mexico’s vibrant, energetic and spirited identity.

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Our La Bikina print pays homage to a deep-rooted tradition that celebrates the musical soul of Mexico with its bright turquoise guitar motifs and rainbow coloured fans spreading outwards; these are offset by embellished purple hearts and blue swallows, which are recurring features throughout Mexican art.

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This statement piece is bold and beautiful. Wear it with the Joplin one piece, any of the Bordeaux swimwear, or simply throw this over a cute cami, shorts or skirt to brighten up your everyday summer outfit whether you are going to a festival, beach party or cocktails in the city.

Voyage Navy

The simple colour palette of the Voyage Navy collection compliments both the Solid and Print stories, which allows the pieces to merchandise together seamlessly, creating a sense of continuity throughout the collection.

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Bright, tropical and luscious, the Maguey print is a fiesta of colours in a majestic eye-catching design.

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