We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of an exciting new project, PAOLITA X Yosuzi

Yosuzi is a accessories brand that celebrates the native myths and cultures of South American Tribes and has been a part of our guest brand edit here at PAOLITA for a little over a year.

The Venezuelan inspired designs are deep-rooted in a passion for local communities and giving back, with a portion of all sales going to Cepin, a non profit organisation dedicated to the health, clothing and education of vulnerable Guajiro Children.

The designer spent her childhood surrounded by the traditions, stories and crafts of her country and culture and was instilled with a strong emotional tie to to her native roots by her grandparents. She was soon introduced to local community leaders and craftsmen who were skilled in the art of hand weaving hats, also known as ‘Woma’ and from here, the brand was born. Yosuzi continues to use traditional techniques and patterns that are unique to the tribes of her ancestors which are woven into the hat. Made of 100% Iraka palm straw and harvested from the Iraka palm, these beautifully hand-crafted pieces can take up to 10 hours to weave.

After long admiring the incredible products and work that the brand does, we have worked together with Yosuzi to bring you this gorgeous range of Yosuzi hats complete with PAOLITA ribboning.  

In an effort to reduce our waste as a brand, we utilised our surplus materials from our SS21 Hydra collection to create these pieces that will perfectly complete any look and match all your pre-existing PAOLITA favourites from SS21.

Mix and match any of your favourite PAOLITA ribboning to your most desired Yosuzi hat.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

The simple addition of these fastenings offers a classically glamourous, Hollywood-style elegance with a PAOLITA spin, the perfect statement accessory for any summers day.

Pictured, the Sevyn hat with PAOLITA ribboning featuring our Calliope (left) and Cleo (right) prints. 

Black Ribbon & Yosuzi Elena Hat

Efterpe Cream Ribbon & Yosuzi Belen Hat

Efterpe Orange Ribbon & Yosuzi Belen Hat

Calliope Silk Ribbon & Yosuzi Sevyn Hat

Urania Silk Ribbon & Yosuzi Mavis Hat

Cleo Ribbon & Yosuzi Sevyn Hat

We are so excited to see what combinations you go for and how you style this exclusive collection of artisanal headwear!