All Things Sustainable

With the recent launch of our sustainable swimwear collection, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing women that inspire us and are leading the change for sustainability in fashion.

Dasiy Murray

Daisy Murray is fashion writer at Elle Magazine who previously served as digital writer on the website.

When she is not covering celebrity style and trends Daisy also runs her own vintage shop called “The Grantchester Collection”.

Specialising in cherry picked cotton blend prairie dresses Daisy sources each piece with the ethos that each dress has its own history and should continue to be loved and cherished for years to come.


Why we love Daisy ...

Whilst obviously being so abreast of many new designer brands, Daisy remains true to her passion for pre-loved clothing. We love her authenticity and her impeccable eye when it comes to the most covetable prairie dresses.

Venetia Falconer

Venetia Falconer is a London based presenter and creator of the 5star rated podcast Talking Tastebuds, a series about food, well-being and the planet which has already amassed nearly 2 million downloads.

She is extremely passionate about plant-based living, sustainable fashion and mindful consumption appearing frequently on television and radio.

Venetia is also sustainability ambassador for the Body Shop and is also the co-founder of @rememberwhomadethem


Why we love Venetia  ….

We love Venetia’s passion and her unchallenging approach to encouraging us all to live our lives in a more socially conscious way.

Venetia had her own low waste wedding encouraging people to wear ‘Something Old, Nothing New, Something Borrowed, Something Renewed

Venetia show us that we are all in a position to make change no matter how big all small. It all counts!

Emma Slade Edmonson

With 10+ years of expertise within marketing, strategy and creative ESE she is well known for her game changing work within the charity retail sector.

Renowned for her transformational work with conscious brands, Emma has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion consumption since 2010.

In 2012 Emma introduced the charity shop to London Fashion Week through her concept Charity Fashion Live. This concept saw her recreate London Fashion week looks in real time as they emerged on the catwalk, using only what she could find in a single charity shop.

Her passion for the second-hand fashion retail industry and circular economy is unrivalled and she has marked herself as a trail blazer for consistently bringing preloved fashion to younger audiences.


Why we love ESE

We love her Emma’s approach to sustainability and her creativity approach to connect her clients with new audiences.

Her approach to fashion shows us that you don’t have to buy designer to LOOK designer.

We also adore her own personal style which is flamboyant and full pf personality. ESE not only walks the walk; she WEARS the talk.