Athens born, Katerina Psoma studied History of Art in Rome & London. Her unique style of jewellery was inspired through years of collection fine stones and rare ornaments during her travels.

In 2001 the brand was launched and the collections feature a mix of retro and modern design whilst paying homage to her Greek heritage.

All of Katerina Psomas’s jewellery is beautifully hand-crafted by trained artisans in Athens

We are so thrilled to have her stocked online and in-store at our Notting Hill Boutique.

When did you first discover your love for jewellery making?

It was my hobby while I was studying Art History at the Courtauld.  I used to go to Portobello and buy old pieces.  It was my break from all the post graduate research.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? 

The women in my family.  When I create a collection I think of  very old women who wear make up, silk garments, know how to play bridge and smoke over a glass of martini.

If you weren’t a jewellery designer, what career would you have chosen? 

Oh, there are plenty of interesting things to do….Most of which they do not fit into the profile of a jewellery designer, such as systemic risk manager, professor of economics or philosophy. I do not include charity because it is not a profession but rather a way of being.  We should all contribute no matter our careers.

What has been your favourite collection to date and why? 

Every collection is unique, it brings back memories, I do not have a favourite collection but I think our signature feather earrings and necklaces are our masterpieces.

What have been your lockdown lessons ? 

I learnt that there is only an illusion of control.  We do not control life as it comes.  In many ways this period was really fruitful for me.  I did not stop working but I had more time and peace of mind in order to contemplate on things that matter.

You’ve recently collaborated with Karavan Clothing; How did that come about?

I love turbans and they asked me to show their followers how I wear a turban.  It was so much fun and a great honour to work with them.

What is a designer you would like to collaborate with? 

I love young, contemporary brands but I also love Valentino.  Never stop dreaming!

What is your favourite travel destination and what makes it so special? 

My favourite place is where my loved ones are.  I go to the Cyclades where we have a country house and we cook,  see our friends, read books and watch films.  I love my second home which is Italy (yes the whole country) and always feel at home in Milano because my dear friends live there.  Rome is always an annual stop.

Who is your ultimate style icon? 

I think every woman has her own style.  If you know yourself then you have style.  To mention a few style icons; Joan Collins, Marisa Berenson, Salvador Dali, Jacky Kennedy, Melina Mercuri and my neighbour who owns two blue vespas.

Do you have any lifelong ambitions you are still yet to fulfil? 

Happiness is a life time pursue.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

My two boys, if they can be considered as such.

What are your 3 must-haves on a desert island? 

A lover, a great book and  a Paolita 2 piece!

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until Paolita designer, Anna Paola was introduced to Katerina through a mutual friend over email that they reconnected and discovered they are 2nd cousins!

Their grandparents are siblings and Katerina shared some old family photos.


Anna Paola's grandmother is seen officiating the wedding of Katerina's parents.

Anna Paola's grandmother is seen officiating the wedding of Katerina's parents.

Enjoying the summer holidays!

The family together on the Greek Island of Andros

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