Paolita X Scarlett De La Torre

Following the incredible success of Scarlett De La Torre’s initial humanitarian mission to The Elpida Home, Thessaloniki, Greece, we at Paolita knew we had to start planning our next collaboration!

Colourful cultures have a strong influence on the prints created at Paolita and Scarlett’s vast experience of travel and adventure was imperative to bringing a new eye to the design table for the collection. Inspired by Mauritius, where Scarlett was residing as in-house DJ and performer at the Shangri-La and LUX hotels, 20% of the total sales from this collection will be donated towards Action for Development of Le Morne, a non-profit organisation focusing on supplying musical instruments and teaching to children in the most under developed villages in Mauritius.

With a strong desire to create change and heal those marginalised in society through the simple joy of music, this connection will transcend through future generations and provide a lasting impact on local communities.

Scarlett’s dedication to philanthropy, her background in music and lust for life and travel, make this one of our most exciting and meaningful collaborations to date.

x Paolita.

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