Caring for your Paolita Swimwear

All swimwear has a shelf life as it is mainly made from elastic and elastic fibres within the fabrics. It is also one of the most abused pieces of apparel that exist, as they are always used under harsh circumstances. Therefore, the better your bikinis and swimsuits are taken care of, the longer they will last.

We have made an easy guide of dos and don’ts for you to follow in order for you to enjoy your swimwear the longest possible!

Do's and Dont's


  1. Rinse after use
    The best way to take care of swimwear is to rinse it in fresh water right after use. Salt, chlorine and heat over time, breaks down fibres and elastic, so it is important that the suits are rid of them after use, and especially before storing them in the winter.
    Life hack: You can also wear your bikini or swimsuit whilst you shower to save time and shampoo works just fine as a detergent.
  2. Wash with similar colours
    The best way to hand wash your swimwear is to fill a basin with cool water and gentle detergent and soak for about an hour. Swirl it around a few times during that time and then squeeze out any excess water. Do not wring it as the elastics will distort.
  3. Dry away from direct heat and sunlight

Do Not

  1. Do not machine wash or tumble dry
    This will most likely fade the colours and also distort the elastic.
  2. Be careful of sunscreen and tanning products
    Make sure that when applying sunscreen, not to get it on the swimsuit as much as possible.
  3. It’s better not to wear them in a jacuzzi
    We recommend you don’t wear your brand new Paolitas in a jacuzzi as it is the equivalent of boiling them in chlorine. We always wear an older piece or something less precious in situations like that.
  4. Do not iron
    The high heat can distort or melt the elastic
  5. Do not use harsh chemicals
    In trying to balance quality, comfort and luxury, we have carefully chosen the fabrics we use. We also make sure that the elastics used go through vigorous testing as to withstand the harshest of circumstances.

It is always sad when a piece starts failing, but like any piece of apparel, shoes, or bags, they have a lifespan, and the better they are taken care of, the longer they will last.