Behind The Collection

The Story

This season, designer Anna Paola, has taken inspiration from early nineteenth-century Greece, specifically focusing on the traditional costumes originating from this era.

Researching from Greek archives, the collection references colours very typical to this time, such as charcoals, deep reds, metallics as well as vibrant hues of blue and turquoise representative of the Aegean Sea.

The beautiful and illustrative hand-drawn prints pay homage to the ornate jewellery worn by the Greek women and laced throughout the collection you will notice many beautiful intricate illustrative references.

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From The Designer

Developing the Sustainable Swimwear range has been a dedicated focus for us as we have strived to discover the most pioneering processes that both ensure the most environmentally conscious production methods while also allowing us to maintain our high-quality fabrics. We are proud to have adopted this new innovation, which marks a step towards further product developments as we continue our commitment to responsibly source and produce our future ranges.
Anna Paola Founder, Creative Director
Behind The Collection

The Design Process

2021 marks an important milestone for me as I celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my first collection, so I had to make this collection meaningful.

Having grown up in Greece, I thought it was a funny coincidence that 2021 was also the two-hundred-year anniversary of the Greek revolution. I began to develop an obsession with researching more about it and soon discovered these incredible women, the art and culture of that time – and as a result, the ‘Hydra’ Collection was born.

Whether you are travelling near or far this summer, we are looking forward to brighter times ahead and hope the ‘HYDRA’ collection will bring some of the colour and vibrancy we are all craving!