Behind The Collection

The Story

Our AW21 collection FRACTAL takes inspiration from Fractal patterns found in geometry and mathematics. These infinitely complex patterns are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing loop.

Inspired by fractals and the repetition found in these patterns, Anna Paola decided to delve into the PAOLITA archive to rework her most iconic prints.

Much like the cultural mood of the past two years, self-reflection and repetition have been a common theme throughout. However, recognising the beauty which can come out of such challenging times is a strength of human nature.

Our AW21 collection FRACTAL represents the profundity of reflection and repetition that can lend itself to crafting something new and uniquely beautiful.

Behind The Collection

The Design Process

Informed perspectives on design, colouring, and ergonomics define the DNA of the PAOLITA brand, whilst Anna Paola’s rigorous eye for detail was obtained whilst working with iconic designers Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan.

Anna Paola’s diverse array of influences informs her extensive research, which ranges from libraries, museums, archives, travels and endless sources of inspiration. Often spending weeks, and sometimes months, researching elements of art history, culture and nature, her proficiency to evoke stories through print has become a core aspect of PAOLITA’s brand ethos.

All our prints are designed in our London studio, hand-drawn by Anna Paola and constructed into garments by our atelier in Europe.