This season founder and creative director, Anna Paola, draws inspiration from the magical coasts of the Mediterranean.

Spanning across seven key print stories, The ‘Mediterranean Love’ collection features a host of vibrant hand-drawn designs.

Each print story digs deep into cultural and historical references that have become so synonymous with the Paolita brand.

Our mythologically themed Amphitrite and Atlantis prints take inspiration from Greek and Roman mosaics, whilst the Aura and Zephyr were conceptualized after travelling across Southern Spain and Anna Paola’s love of the beautiful hand-painted ceramics, native to the region.

Amphitrite is a homage to the Goddess Queen Amphitrite, the female personification of the sea. Atlantis is a nod to the mystical lost city of Atlantis and also the Minoan depiction of dolphins which were also found placed on their frescos.

Our most illustrative design, Circe’s Garden, is a bold hand-drawn placement print that draws reference to Homer’s Odyssey. In Greek mythology, Circe was a beautiful goddess that would lure and bewitch anyone who landed on her island with her singing and change their form into animals.