This summer, we decided to collaborate with a special traveler and friend, a woman whose heart and soul represents the passion of our brand, and one whom we knew would embody the designs she represented…

The Paolita x Scarlett capsule range of swim and resort wear was dreamt up by Anna Paola and the beautiful surfer, musician, DJ and humanitarian, Scarlett de la Torre.

This divine collection was co-designed to represent Scarlett’s passions; inspired by her love affair with surfing, her joyful music and the vibrant colours found on the tropical island of Mauritius, her home for the past year.

To create this unique print, rich hues of green and coral red, reminiscent of the flora and fauna on the island, were incorporated into the colour scheme.

In support of Scarlett’s humanitarian efforts, Paolita will donate 20% of the profits from sales of the Scarlett range to Vision Le Morne, a Mauritian charity which engages local musicians to teach Sega music and keep the tradition alive by providing musical instruments to the disadvantaged people from these areas.

The print

The inspiration for the six-piece capsule range was taken from Scarlett’s description of the “lush tropical landscape and aqua-marine seas” found in Mauritius. To create this unique print, aptly named “Scarlett”, we incorporated beautiful hues of green and coral red reminiscent of the flora and fauna on the island.

Our Bikinis

Our Bikinis

The Rivera halter bikini top has wide neck straps for added support and a white trim around the bust. Pair it with either the Rosalyn bottom, as seen in this image, which has braided side straps, or pair it with the Rivera bottom, which has contouring panels and thick soft tie sides.

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£92.00 £230.00

Inspired by surfer girls, we created this stunning one piece, which has long sleeves and a closed zipper fastening. You can wear this for active beach days whether surfing, swimming or diving, or simply wear for added sun protection without compromising on functionality and style.

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