Named after the traditional Mexican art of painting onto paper made from the amate bark. This mesmerising print was hand drawn with intricately decorated orange, coral and blue songbirds entwined together by pale yellow beading, creating a beautiful balance of vibrant colours.

The Amate was a sacred scripture that recorded ancient history, religious rituals and local stories; it was used as spiritual way of linking people to their past. The print’s detailed depiction of songbirds, often found on ancient pottery, and beaded elements around the neckline, pay homage to the Huichol artistic custom of using shells, clay and seeds to create jewellery or decorate sculptures.

Romantic as it is serene, the Amate print features vibrant blue and warm orange tones, which remind us of a beautiful Mexican sunset.

Delicate birds with fine detailing adorn this full-length flowing silk kaftan, making it the perfect piece for warm Summer days and nights.

Azul Dreams

Amate Bikini Tops

Amate Bikini Tops

The Amate story offers three bikini styles which cater to a variety of bust shapes.

The Toledo halterneck has thick neck straps for added support as well as removable padding and placement print.

The Nahua bandeau bikini top has removable straps and underwired moulded cups, which offer support, comfort and versatility.

The Otomi cross-back bikini top features moulded cups and multiwear adjustable straps at the back.

Mix and match these tops with any Amate bottoms to suit your unique style.

Mix and match the bottoms

Blue horizons

Blue horizons

The Amate is everything you need in a one piece: stylish and easy-to-wear, with adjustable straps, concealed bust support and a flattering shape in beautiful shades of blue.

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Bordeaux Kimono

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