Paolita’s Spring-Summer collection, ‘Mexican Riviera’, takes you on an exciting journey through mainland Mexico; where the cultures of three continents have collided to create the unique Mexico of today. Untangle a rich tapestry, woven together by European, North African and pre-Columbian influences, that over hundreds of years combined to form Mexico’s vibrant, energetic and spirited identity.


This glorious print, with its distinctly Mexican feel, pays homage to the country's native cacti plant. Bright flowers and leaves are merged together in a dazzling swirl of greens, pinks, blues and citrus shades.

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For our Solids Collection we looked to the country’s Spanish colonial architecture and desert landscape, incorporating rich midnight blues reminiscent of the night sky, rugged taupe of the rocky wilderness, romantic red adorning timeworn murals, stark white found painted on churches and deep black cast by shadows from the blistering sun.

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Named after the traditional Mexican art of painting onto paper made from the amate bark. This mesmerising print was hand drawn with intricately decorated orange, coral and blue songbirds entwined together by pale yellow beading, creating a beautiful balance of vibrant colours.

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Inspired by Talavera pottery from the Mexican cities of Puebla, Cholula and Tecali, and named after the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina, the uniquely Mexican print has been produced since the 16th century and is a blend of Mexican and European artistry.

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Voyage Cubano

The simple colour palette of the Voyage Cubano collection compliments both the Solid and Print stories, creating a sense of continuity throughout the collection.

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La Bikina

Music is at the forefront of everything in Mexican culture, fuelling the passion and creativity of its people, and enriching their daily lives. La Bikina pays homage to a the famous song written by Rubén Fuentes in 1966 and performed by the mariachi band Vargas de Tecalitlán. 

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Created by Jose Guadalupe Posada in the early 20th century, Catrina is an icon of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos,  an uplifting month-long celebration observed by locals.  Intricate in design, you will fall in love with this print and the story it tells. 

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Black Classics

Our Black Classics are luxurious and refined. They can be worn with almost any bright and colourful print or worn exclusively on their own. Pair it with the Amate, Talavera or Catrina print and make a statement this summer or keep it cool and simple and style it with the Bordeaux, White Core Classics or the Cubano Classics. 

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Embracing joyful colours of blue, yellow and white, the uplifting Adelita print is reminiscent of warm summer vacations by the Mexican Riviera.

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Voyage Navy

The simple colour palette of the Voyage Navy collection compliments both the Solid and Print stories, seamlessly creating a sense of continuity throughout the collection. The timeless nautical stripes compliment any figure. 

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La Sirena

La Sirena fuses traditional Mexican symbols with the modern aesthetic of tattoos in a soft and feminine colour palette of navy blues and white.

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Across the Mexican landscape at certain times of year the cactus plant bursts forth with some of the most beautiful flowers; flowers that bloom in even the harshest conditions, brightening up an otherwise arid landscape.

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This summer, we decided to collaborate with a special traveler and friend, a woman whose heart and soul represents the passion of our brand, and one whom we knew would embody the designs she represented…

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