Paolita’s Resort collection, ‘Indigo Dreams’, takes you on an exciting journey through mainland Mexico; where the cultures of three continents have collided to create the unique Mexico of today. Untangle a rich tapestry, woven together by European, North African and pre-Columbian influences, that over hundreds of years combined to form Mexico’s vibrant, energetic and spirited identity.


Embracing joyful colours of blue, yellow and white, the uplifting Adelita print is reminiscent of warm summer vacations by the Mexican Riviera.

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Navy Core Classics

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La Sirena

La Sirena fuses the fierce and bold roots of traditional Mexican tattoos in a soft and feminine colour palette of navy blues and white - an homage to the ink that flows from the tattooists pen. This striking yet easy to wear print contains the symbolic rose, swallows, ornate winged hearts and hidden within the swirls you’ll notice a mermaid balancing two love hearts in her hands and tail. The beauty of La Sirena is in its apparent simplicity. You must look closely to uncover the themes that run throughout this print, like a painting slowly unveiling itself...

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White Core Classics

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Across the Mexican landscape at certain times of year the cactus plant bursts forth with some of the most beautiful flowers; flowers that bloom in even the harshest conditions, brightening up an otherwise arid landscape.

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This summer, we decided to collaborate with a special traveler and friend, a woman whose heart and soul represents the passion of our brand, and one whom we knew would embody the designs she represented…

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