In Africa, art is but an expression of the creator’s soul force. Intricately designed masks depict ancestors and spirits, colourful patterns on clothes reflect the vibrancy of the surrounding nature, folktales set in fantastic worlds bring pride and belonging, music captures the essence of life in a rhythm.

This year Paolita’s collection conveys this deep spirit- the life-affirming energy, joy, and beauty that can be found in African culture and nature. In the intricate, hand-drawn designs, old stories will unfold pulling from nature and wild animals, Maasai beading, Kitenge wax fabrics and textiles, and traditional masks and shields. All this is mixed together in a soft palate of pop colours and hues, matched to a level of perfection, that capture the magic of African sunsets.

All these elements seamlessly come together to create a unique feeling of beauty, joy, and vivacity. Wearing the new collection, then, becomes but an expression of your own beautiful spirit.


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Bahari Blue

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Cape Teal

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