With majestic peacock motifs in jewel tones, the Pavo Real collection is unique and elegant, true to the birds featured across the body of the print.

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The Pavo Real Azania Reversible One Piece has multi-strap detailing and a low-cut scooped back. Wear it with either the main or secondary print showing. Pair this one piece with any resortwear from the Pavo Real collection to complete the look.

Choose your bikini top

The Amina Top is perfect for bigger busts, with the high apex offering more support.
The Bahati Top comes with detachable straps so you don't have to worry about those tan lines!
The Semira Top is in out classic triangle shape with tassel ends and is reversible to our secondary print.

Mix & match bikini bottoms

The Agra Bottom offers medium coverage and is reversible
The Gobi Bottom offers full coverage and is high-waisted
The Semira Bottom is reversible and offers medium coverage. As it's a tie side, you can always go up or down a size depending on the coverage you want!

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