The flower gardens of Lahore and semiprecious stones of the Taj Mahal combine to create the stunning floral embellished print of the Mughal collection. The bright lajwad blue base tone symbolises the lapis-lazuli, the coral shades of the birds and flowers are derived from the moonga stone, and the flickers of jade green found on the leaves in this print are taken from the yasheb stone. It is offset by a soft pale pink secondary print delicately interspersed with leaves and flowers, which highlights the dazzling blue and creates a beautiful contrast of tones.




Mix and Match

We always aim to create shapes for different tastes and body types. Mix and match the bikini tops and bottoms to suit your body shape or personal taste.

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The precious stones that decorate the Taj Mahal, from the bright blue of the lapis-lazuli, to the corals of the mystic moonga stone, take us on a journey through India’s rich spiritual and mystical history. The royal jade colour comes from the elusive sang e yashab stone, which can be more expensive that rubies, and is mentioned throughout India’s sacred texts for its protective qualities.


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Mughal Resortwear

Mughal Resortwear

The Ivy Jumpsuit features a striking scooped back, crocheted trim details around the pockets and upper body, and a contrasting printed belt to emphasise the waist.

The fabric is carefully selected for its ability to be both warming and cooling, which makes this jumpsuit the perfect summer outfit whether you are at the beach or in the city.

Bare necessities

The Marigold playsuit is just the outfit to ensure you stay fresh during the hot summer days. It packs light and doesn't crease so is the perfect holiday companion. Alternatively, opt for the Peony crop top, which you can wear over bikinis with shorts for when you need a bit more coverage at the beach bar.

Pair these easy pieces with any swimwear from the Mughal collection or Garnet collection.

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£136.50 £195.00

Our stunning bestseller, the Mughal one piece, makes a romantic choice for beach days. The cleverly positioned contrasting pale pink panels work to form an hourglass silhouette and elongate the legs. The seams are highlighted by platinum piping to give it added shimmer and further emphasise the female form.

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