Inspired by the Marwari Horses and the decorative entrances that line the streets of Rajasthan, the regal colours of the Farida Collection shimmer in the summer sun.

Adorned in ceremonial dress, the horses sport an array of beautiful jewel colour tones that capture the eye, as seen on our signature bikinis. Mix and match the tops and bottoms to find your perfect set.

This best-selling shape features our hand-braided straps and has a scooped back with secondary print panels at the hip to flatter your figure.


We build our prints layer by layer, making sure that each colour we choose compliments all the others, resulting in a beautiful balance. We chose to print the Farida on a shiny base fabric so that the colours appear even richer and shimmer under the sun.

Each new layer includes additional colours. We sit with these colours to decide if they work and then carefully position them in the print.

Once we have decided on the dominant colours, we can then continue to add new layers of colour. Incorporating strands of pink or orange to lift the print and make it seem 3D.

Finally we pick the highlight tone, the colour that will make the print leap off the page. This is the last stage, and arguably the most important, as it is here that we can see how all the previous layers combine together to create an end result that is in essence uniquely Paolita.

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