A journey across India showed us the richness of its natural beauty, from lively parrots to swathes of tropical forest and delicate flowers by the riverbanks. The Nirvana collection embraces these sights with its neon motifs set against a black background, enriching the pinks and bringing the blues to life. Soft, black mesh panels are set against shimmery printed lycra to give this collection a joyful spirit.

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£138.00 £230.00

We love the versatility of this dress as it can be worn almost anywhere and on many occasions. Think beach, city, party, bar and more!

Nirvana One Piece

Nirvana One Piece

The Nirvana one piece is a gorgeous swimsuit which is absolutely unique. Combine it with the matching Namaste long kimono for extra poolside glamour.

A collection of contrasting colours that bring to life a story of India’s beautiful flora and fauna. Neon parrots and bright flowers make the Nirvana a standout print.

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