After transporting us to elegant ancient Greece, colourful Mexico and exotic Asia, Paolita, this year takes us to the eternal, royal India. From the motifs of the Taj Mahal, and the colours of Rajasthan to the nature of Lahore, this year’s collection has been imbued by the various beauties of India.

For Anna Paola, beachwear has always symbolized an escape from the everyday life. We wear these fabrics in moments where we are turning away from the city – at the beach or in the pool, on a longer vacation or a just a momentary break, with loved ones or alone. In each case, we are taking a respite from the routine and, Anna Paola believes, the way we dress should reflect this.

The purpose of each material is to fuel the escape by allowing the imagination of the person wearing it to run wild. Each print – the result of extensive research, creativity and, most importantly, passion – tells the story that incorporates the global culture, history, art and design. This story, however, does not belong to the designs, but to the person wearing them. Ultimately, our hope is that women who wear Paolita feel fulfilled and empowered because they own their beautiful escape, their colourful adventure and, most importantly, their story.


Our journeys through the gardens of Lahore that inspired The Shalimar Collection, led us to create an evolution of the striking print. The juxtaposition between the vibrant wildlife and tranquil greenery inspired the contrasting blocks of pattern that make this collection stand-out.

View Shalimar


The floral gardens of Lahore and precious stones of the Taj Mahal combine to create the stunning floral embellished jewel-toned print of the Mughal collection.

View Mughal


This collection is named after the sacred gemstone, Garnet, which has long been thought of as a travelers' stone.

View Garnet


Inspired by the Marwari Horses and the decorative entrances that line the streets of Rajasthan, the royal colours of the Farida Collection shine under the summer sun.

View Farida


Named after the ancient and sought after gemstone Jade. It was inlaid into the marble walls of the Taj Mahal.

View Jade


View Karma

Jade Voyage

A twist on a classical nautical swimwear theme. The two shades of Jade have been matched to hues within the collection.

View Jade Voyage


Exotic parrots and sacred carnations intertwine in the Andal print, taking inspiration from the sights of India.

View Andal

Garnet Voyage

Two shades of Garnet have been matched to hues within the collection and printed into stripes on our luxurious swimwear fabric.

View Garnet Voyage


The Jaipur collection is an homage to the Pink City, Rajasthan. Mixing a colour palette of vibrant pinks and emerald greens, it depicts adorned ceremonial horses and geometric flowers, captivating the energy of this special place.

View Jaipur


According to legend, Cupid cut the fingernails of Venus while she was sleeping on the banks of the Indus River. They settled on the bottom of the river, and were turned to stone, thus giving birth to onyx.

View Onyx


A collection of contrasting colours that bring to life a story of India’s beautiful flora and fauna. Neon parrots and bright flowers make the Nirvana collection.  

View Nirvana

Onyx Voyage

There is always a timelessness to black and white. Our Onyx Voyage collection mixes classical with carefully designed details to make the perfect striped bikini for the summer.

View Onyx Voyage


After discovering the intricately painted art adorning the trucks of India and Pakistan, it was a matter of time before this manifested as a print in Paolita.

View Indus


A spiritual journey through the architecture of India, the Mahal swim and beachwear collection draws inspiration from the beautiful motifs and the sacred stories behind them.

View Mahal
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