Anna Paola created the Elysium Dreams collection by researching artifacts of Ancient Greece and Pre-Columbian Central America.  She combined them with Art Deco patterns from the early 20th century to create this delicate and detailed collection.

Black Magic

The mystical look of this collection inspired the name Black Magic. The individual garments are named after star constellations which are also associated with astrological signs.

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Inspired by the 1930s Art Deco decadence of Eltham Palace. Anna Paola created this bold print with symmetrical sphinxes and ancient Egyptian lotus owers and combined it with a serene print of oating olive branches.

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Golden Gate

Golden Gate was created by researching jewelry throughout ancient civilizations. The frogs were inspired by the Pre-Columbian art room in the Metropolitan museum. The rest was taken from research con- ducted on women’s Roman and Etruscan golden jewelry.

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Named after notorious female warriors and pirates, the Chariots collection celebrates powerful women. Anna Paola gave the print an Art Deco feel and undertone which is reflected throughout the collection

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Named after the bohemian drink of the late 19th century, this kaleidoscopic print is more than surreal. Inspired by the geometric patterns from the Archaic period in Ancient Greece.

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A light, playful and surreal print collection plays upon classical Hellenistic motifs, mixed into an Art Deco feel and given modern, vibrant colours. Apollo was also the God of light and music.

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Rhapsody in Blue

The incredible colours and art deco shapes
in this collection were inspired by Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

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De Beauvoir

At the beginning of the twentieth century, East London was a central hub of the English rag trade. The Art Deco sewing machines are a tribute to this establishment.

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