New-Wave Floristry

Off the back of the Chelsea flower show last week, here at PAOLITA we are feeling somewhat, horticulturally inspired.

Off the back of the Chelsea flower show last week, here at PAOLITA we are feeling somewhat, horticulturally inspired. As a place that values arts, culture and creativity of all kinds, we wanted to give a breakdown of our favourite floral artists and their most breathtaking creations. Since lockdown, it seems that cottage core trends and a general return to wholesome domestic values (for some, at least, anyway) have driven an emerging interest in floristry and a new surge of creativity in that field too.

Whether it’s Australian Florist designer Hattie Molloy or Dalston-based ‘My Lady Garden’, this new wave of botanical artistry is a real emerging trend and has seen particularly rapid growth on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok over the past year.

Though these arrangements are no ordinary feat. These fantastical displays of design and composition are much more than that, with some almost possessing a Dali-esque quality of surrealism. It truly takes a skilled eye to create such a work of art, no matter the materials you work with.

Whether you’re buying, admiring or simply want to give it a go yourself, scroll below to see our top picks of Artisan Florists.

Hattie Molloy

Hattie Molloy’s practice includes facets of floristry, installation and object making. Hattie’s use of floral arrangement is energetic and playful, sprawling installations retreat indoors, buttering the events and stores of ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Australia’. Her strong affinity with photography and still-life ensures her work is enjoyed globally. Hattie’s work has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Vice and The Design Files. Her installations including spatial and architectural interventions can be seen through her work with Armadillo Rugs (2020), Urban Blooms, City of Melbourne (2020) and Cub Sport I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life (2019).

Hattie finds inspiration in the surreal, believing that it encourages us to look at the world around us. She believes in the impermanence of floristry — the exchange that takes place between floral arrangement, installation and the environment. Hattie is very passionate about supporting local growers and unpacking what it means to practice as an artist incorporating floristry at this time.


My Lady Garden


Poppy Kalas / Thilde Maria Kristensen

Poppykalas is a Floral Design Studio based in Copenhagen headed up by founder, artist and creative director Thilde Maria Kristensen.

PoppyKalas has worked on a number of projects with big names such as Nike, Gucci and Net-A-Porter. Most recently the floral artist has collaborated on a project with Rug Company Layered on an award winning capsule collaboration described by Elle as “Colorful happiness from the floral world and a spot-on instinct for trends make these rugs the most wanted interior item of the year.”

Flowers are my way of telling a story, setting a scene, creating emotion, speaking a language beyond spoken or written words. With form, colour, smell and touch I challenge the stage and the interaction in its very own distinctive way and extravagant style.’ – Thilde, Founder & Creative Director of Poppykalas