PAOLITA takes you back to Ibiza..

In light of the easing on travel restrictions here in the UK, we have decided to dedicate our web stories this week to a destination we have all been but dreaming of… Ibiza.

Outside of its highly condensed “party” regions in San Antonio, Ibiza is an island very much rooted in history, cultural nuance, and beauty. Playing host to some of the most magical sunsets, breath-taking views, and world class hospitality in the world. This week we’ll be taking you through our favourite spots, must-see destinations, and guide to summer chic Ibiza dressing.

Efterpe Button Maxi Skirt

Our Efterpe Button Maxi skirt is a perfect piece to take your look from beach to bar in a matter of seconds. Layer over our Efterpe Artemis One Piece or pair with your Efterpe Biance One Piece or Reversible Gobi Bottom for an chic and practical outfit to take you from coastline to cosmos.


Best for the sunset

Although there is no sand here (‘punta galera’ meaning ‘flat rocks’), islanders consider it to be one of the greatest beaches in Ibiza due to its mystic ambiance, and breathtaking sunset views. At dusk, the towering cliffs glow a golden ochre, offering ideal platforms for observing the multicoloured sky. Sun salutations at dusk are also a common occurrence, so bring your yoga mat!


Best for the spiritual

This northern stretch of beach is an ideal spot for zen-seekers. Crowds convene on Sundays for the magical sunset and a tribal drumming session, during which fires are lit and spirits are awakened. For a different kind of therapy, the more secular might benefit from a visit to the neighbouring boho-chic market.

Our Glitteringly Gold Urania Dress

Our breathtaking Urania Silk Off-the-Shoulder Dress is a stunning choice for any evening drinks or a sunset dinner.
The glistening silk thread reflex twinkles in the gorgeous Ibiza sunset, making it the only choice for your island twilight excursions.


Best for modern Greek

Jul’s, which opened in 2018, is still a hotspot, serving great, contemporary Greek food in a stunning setting. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, there’s a sparkling bar with plenty of al fresco seating. From the homemade flatbreads, houmous, and baba ganoush to a Bloody Mary served on a slice of wood with fresh tomatoes, sea salt, chilli flakes, and lemons, everything on the menu is made from organic and local produce.


Best Farm-to-Table Experience

Embedded in the beetle-dry pine forest in the hills way above San Antonio, La Granja offers ‘the best farm-to-table experience on Ibiza’. Created in 2016 by Design Hotels founder Claus Sendlinger, La Granja means the farm. It is set in a 300-year-old rough-stone house. There’s no menu to choose from but everything is biodynamic, fresh and delicious. Go at sunset and sit outside. This is out-of-earshot, gone-to-ground Ibiza; the perfect setting for a reset and reconnecting with nature and self.

Daytime Chic in Urania Maxi Shirt Dress

Our fresh and lightweight Urania Maxi Shirt Dress offers a timeless vacation chic while the metallic embroidered details give an luxury touch to this gorgeous number than can be slipped on over any one piece or bikini. Pair with Katerina Psoma Jewels to elevate the look for lunch time glam or early evening drinks.


Sabina is an ambitious yet ecologically aware project (with hi-tech water preservation and geothermal heating) that will eventually comprise 50 villas created by 12 leading architects. With an ‘Excellent’ pre-qualification for BREEAM®, Sabina will become the first residential development in Spain to attain this distinction and one of the first in Europe. The credits include British minimalist hero John Pawson, Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, and Rick Joy, whose low-slung, lateral creation at Sabina is redolent of his finest achievement, Utah’s Amangiri, making this an unmissable destination to visit if not stay.

Claudia Brinkworth