Artist Focus: Luke Edward Hall

Luke Edward Hall is a British artist, designer and writer whose personal, artistic and interior style really embodies the sentiment of “more is more”. Based in London and the Cotswolds, his romantic aesthetic is influenced by a deep love for history, beauty, and a sense of playfulness.

Hall’s work is often influenced by stories from Folklore and ancient Greek myths and legends. The artist, who describes himself as a romantic at heart, admits that his work often comes from a sense of nostalgia and desire to tell stories. Utilising classical imagery as a shorthand for worldly and cultured things, suffusing the style with allusions to antiquity.

However, this modern work that champions a Cocteau-like dichotomy between minimalism and maximalism implies a more contemporary perspective. Instead, the Graeco-Roman tradition becomes a collection of stylized motifs. The way his work champions vibrancy, colour, and mixed media tactility, elevates these tropes of classical antiquity into a modern and playful style, which often feels almost satirical. It offers an exquisite fusion between an appreciation for history and culture, mixed with a sense of youthfulness, excitement, humour and optimism.

The chiselled, boyish, subjects of his work maintain a controlled sense of purpose, yet their eyes express a melancholic impassivity, suggestive less of sorrow than of listless desire. Whether depicted poised with martinis at a bar or overlooking a sea view, these chiselled figures, rendered with but a few brush strokes, offer a whimsical universe of technicolour for onlookers to momentarily lose themselves in

At only thirty-two, the Central Saint Martins Graduate has published three books, has a column in the Financial Times and has a list of collaborators ranging from the Royal Academy of Arts, Burberry, Lanvin, and Christie’s.

Notably, his collaboration on Vogue Italia’s immersive digital experience “Life In Vogue” last year, is a favourite of ours at PAOLITA. Mixing the artist’s tactile and mixed media style in this hyper-digital space makes for fascinating viewing as a true digital spectacle.

Our Luke Edward Hall Inspired Edit

Our kaleidoscopic Calliope prints and ancient greek inspired jewels from Hermina Athens make the perfect combination for a Luke Edward Hall inspired look.

To get your hands on your own piece of Luke Edward Hall joyfulness, the artists most recent work, a playful homeware collaboration with designer porcelain company Ginori 1735, is now available to shop on Net-A-Porter.