Yosuzi, meaning cactus flower in the Guajiro Native dialect, was born and raised in Venezuela and spent her childhood surrounded by the traditions, stories and crafts of her country and culture.

Her great grandparents instilled a strong emotional tie to to her native roots and she was soon introduced to local community leaders and craftsmen who were skilled in the art of hand weaving hats, also known as ‘Woma’

From there the brand was born and Yosuzi continues to use traditional techniques to create her beautiful straw hats and bags.

Patterns that are unique to the tribes of Yosuzi’s ancestors are woven into the hats which are made of 100% Iraka palm straw, harvested from the Iraka palm and can take around 8 hours to weave.

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The Woma Project



Launched alongside the brand, The Woma Project is an artisan training program which aims to empower the craftsmen and women of the Guajiro Indians who hand make each hat for the brand. The project helps to provide economic sustainability for the local community whilst providing beautiful high quality and hand crafted products.

“The Guajiro community ranks second among the poorest places in Latin America after Haiti. I’ve noticed how they struggle to preserve their ancestral culture as more and more Guajiro youth leave their communities for urban areas, their traditional craftsmanship is dying”




Yosuzi Mila Bag


Yosuzi Hat Sierra Natural


Yosuzi Ileana Bag


Yosuzi Hat Corina

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