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We have completely fallen in love with Rory Payne's editorial shoot for Matches Fashion featuring our Starling Paolita bikini! 

I am so excited that Ioanna Pantazopoulou has agreed to do our London boutique window this upcoming spring.  She is one of my favourite sculptors and I can't wait to see how she will disrupt the space of the boutique.

Take a look at some of my favourite sculptures she has done in the past.  

Ioanna in her E.K.M. Sculpture which is currently being exhibited in Athens at the Tounta Contemporary art Center

R.E. 2012


A.M.W.E 2010

S.B.L. 2009

(lastly she is also one of the most awesomely dressed people I know)

After being in our amazing space on 18 New Quebec Street for two years, we have decided to go for a fresh new amazing look.  We had the amazing team from Stage Design out of Greece create this gorgeous new space.  Some of you know the amazing works they have already done, including the branding of my favourite products, Korres.  

Click Here for more amazing pictures!

Click Here for a map on how to find us!


Our Siam Collection and Daquiri Collection up close!

Click Here for a map on how to find us!

We absolutely love Pixie Lott's new video clip Lay Me Down!  

Check her out also wearing Paolita here :)

Summer is comming and we can't wait to get your pictures in, wearing Paolita!  

Click here to see some previous amazing pictures from the past year.


Anelia Moor

Carla Eidi

Nileta from Imatiothiki

Maria and Sofia in Santo Domingo!

Fashion one interviewed Anna Paola in early January and here is also a little sneak peak of what happened behind the scenes!  

We also adore Black and Brown London

Hey ladies! Now, that we’re a week into the New Year, we know that it is the time where we usually need to detox from the holiday parties and overconsumption of amazing food. We also cry ourselves to sleep because we know summer is six months away, and we secretly wish we could hibernate until then.  

In the meantime... this year, we at Paolita are dedicated to living a healthier life, and we feel like sharing our strategy.  


1. Find a blackmail buddy who will make a pact to keep you healthy!  This can be a friend, family member, or even just someone you know at the gym! If you want to go above and beyond, get a personal trainer (they are the best at pushing you to your limits)! Having someone to help keep you on track with workouts and eating healthy makes it so much easier! And bonus, you’ll have someone to shout at when you just don’t want to do any more squats! 


2. Make a plan, create a strategy how you will get yourself to get the results you want, whether it is dropping a couple pounds, gaining muscle, or just being healthier! And don’t stop with your goals!  Write out your workout routine and make a list of healthy meals and snacks that you can plan into your week! Trust us, it’s a lot easier to grab a chocolate croissant for breakfast when you’re running late and don’t have anything preplanned. Plan a healthy, easy, and quick breakfast smoothie instead! Need ideas for one? We’ll post a couple of our favorite healthy recipes on the blog next week! 


3. Have fun! It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are doing something! If you do something you hate, it’s easier to quit! Try yoga or dancing! These are great, healthy, and fun work out options. As long as you are getting a well-balanced workout with cardio, strength training, toning, flexibility, etc., it doesn’t matter how you get it! 

With swimsuit season on the horizon, the Paolita team will work as eachothers support systems and we will lean on eachother as a team to get us through our winter slump!  And lots of hugs always help...

We cannot believe that the New Year is here! It may be the middle of a cold winter in London, but it’s bikini season somewhere, right? And speaking of bikini season, it’s never too early to start planning your spring break, besides we did the work for you! If you need to escape the cold with a little sun, sand, and sea, check out these spectacular resorts in the Riviera Maya. The best part? You can find us in the exclusive boutiques of each one!

First up is the Grand Velas, Riviera Maya. With over 1,000 feet of exclusive beach, you can delight in the luxurious white sand and clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Treat yourself to one of their signature 'water journey' treatments in their breathtaking world-class spa; a majestic jungle sanctuary built in harmony with the natural environment. This place definitely is a gem, the perfect vacation spot in the dreamy Riviera Maya.

The Carmen Miranda would look amazing in the Grand Velas! We just know it. 

Just imagine relaxing by the pool overlooking the ocean. We wish we were there!

That view! 

Fairmont Mayakoba is another luxurious resort in Playa del Carmen.  This is truly an unspoiled retreat with a 47 acre setting, under the forest canopy,  where they have even organized a transport system with boats, golf carts and bicycles in order to maintain the delicate ecology. Their  Willow Stream Spa has amazing treetop treatment areas and two mineral pools. You can definitely spoil yourself in their secluded sugar soft beaches.  

We can just imagine how fabulous you would look lounging in a cabana in the Amelia Bikini at the Fairmont Mayakoba. 

How gorgeous is this at night? Sigh...

And the Mayakoba's infinite pool is to die for. 

You can enjoy both of these amazing resorts and luxuriate in the amazing Caribbean beaches with your favorite Paolita bikini, which you can find in the boutiques of these sensational resorts.


We cannot believe that it is already Christmas! This holiday season has just flown by so far. We hope that you've gotten everything that you have wanted this year. However, in case you haven't, don’t forget that Paolita has a little Christmas gift for you, too, this year! If you order a swimsuit online before January first, we’ll send you a FREE surprise Paolita in the same size! Doesn’t that sound amazing? We couldn't think of a better Christmas gift to share with all of our fans that we love so much! You've definitely made our year merry and bright, so it is the least we could do for you! 

Of course, the holidays aren’t just about gifts, so this year, we thought we would find out what some of your favorite traditions are! These seasonal customs sound so fun that we think that we may start doing all of these at Paolita every year!

Julie says, “When I was little, I always used to open the Advent calendar every day with my mom. Then, we would split the chocolate inside. It was my favorite part of Christmas, and I looked forward to it so much that I would want to do it first thing in the morning. Now, it is a fond memory of my mother and something that I do with my children.”

Breanne loves the holiday party that her parents throw every year! “My mom and dad always throw a huge party for all of our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family! My mom puts a Christmas tree in every room, which is about twelve, but she also puts out a lot of Menorahs. She even decorates a couple trees in Jewish colors. We have so many different people come over that she wants everyone to feel welcome, no matter what holiday they celebrate! I think that’s the best, everyone coming together just to celebrate the love of the season.”

Some of our Paolita fans are a little more silly, too. Porsche told us, “My family is so big and the gifting was getting to be too much, so we decided to do a ‘White Elephant’ theme. We each buy one gift for less than $50, and then we draw numbers. The first person chooses their gift at random, and then the next person and so on. However, you can choose to ‘steal’ when it is your turn, rather than pick a new one if you like. The person you ‘stole’ from gets to choose a new gift, then. It ends up being pretty funny, and some of our family gets kind of competitive, even my 85 year old grandmother!”

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? We’d love to hear from you! Paolita wishes everyone the Happiest of Holidays! Everyone have a fun and safe Christmas and New Year! We cannot wait to see you in 2014! We know that at Paolita our New Year’s Resolution is to be as healthy and happy as possible, so check the blog after the holidays for our tips on eating right, working out, and just being a better you! 

What bikini do you hope you'll get? We love them all! In fact, we love the Malibu bikini featured in this picture so much that we wouldn't mind two of these! Who are we kidding, though? We would be happy with any Paolita!

Oh, and did we mention that our new collection has been delivered to our warm studio right off Oxford Street near Marble Arch? If that isn't an incentive to come see us after the New Year, we don't know what is! 


Alright ladies, this is for all of you lucky gals that get to spend your Christmas at the beach… And don’t even think of complaining that you are “so excited, but are really going to miss the Christmas tree, decorations, mulled wine, blah blah blah.” You are going to be getting your tan on while those less lucky than you are freezing… We cannot wear a Paolita in this cold London weather, but you can string some lights around a palm tree if you insist on having it all, the sun, the heat, and your Christmas decorations, too.  Just kidding… We’re just jealous!

We do have some awesome beauty tips for you! Just because you may not get a chance to wear that Christmas jumper doesn’t mean you can’t have some holiday sparkle! Let’s start with your nails! Try starting with a white base and adding some silver sparkles and rhinestones over top! There are so many great nail kits, now, that are easy to apply and stay on surprisingly well! Butter and Rock Beauty London make some great options, or if you’re feeling extra creative, you can do it yourself by just dipping your slightly wet nail in glitter or using a pair of tweezers to lightly place on any rhinestone or beadwork. This will have you dreaming of a winter wonderland in no time, nt to mention the added bonus of white enhancing that awesome tan you’ll be getting.

Product Information: Nail polish by butter London in "Fairy Cake." Nail Rock "Caviar" in "Moon."

Okay, let’s talk a little makeup. When we think holiday, we think red lips and gold shimmer. Just because you’re at the beach, there is no rule that states lip color is off limits! Go for it, lady. It’ll just glam up your swimsuit, which we hope you’re wearing with an awesome Christmas gift from the shopping guide we posted earlier! While you can always just add a gold highlighter to your cheekbones or eyelids, we have a fun alternative to your holiday makeup look. Apply a red lip stain, like Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick. Even at the beach, there’s no way this stuff is coming off or smearing. It’s awesome! Once you apply the lip stain, take your finger or a q-tip and dip it into a shimmery powder eye shadow. Lightly pucker your lips, and press the powder into the inner area of your lips, avoiding the outer edges. This creates such a fun and glamorous look. *Remember, paler complexions should go for more peachy reds, while darker skin tones look great with deep reds. 

Product Information: Stila Liquid Lipstick in "Fiery." Inika mineral eyeshadow in "Mango."

Finally, accessories are not just for cocktail dresses! Want to look festive while playing in your bikini this holiday season? Wear a sparkly headband and some metallic sandals! Not only are these both functional, but they will be the perfect touch of bling to your fun-in-the-sun look. Keep your hair back and show off in those glittery sandals! If you painted your toes white, too, metallic is the perfect blend to highlight your wintery pedicure!

Product Information: "Inspired" Headband by Crescent. Steve Madden Sandals

With these holiday beauty tips, you can have your white Christmas and your beach, too! And if you’re not spending your holiday vacation at the beach, don’t worry. We have an upcoming blog to help you plan a sunny break this spring! Trust us, if you weren’t already planning on a spring vacation, these beautiful beaches are enough to make you pack up your Paolita and head for the sun, sand, and sea.

Oh, and if you love the looks featured in the blog, remember you can order any swimsuit, including, but not limited to Bahia SwimsuitCassis BikiniChihuahua Bikini, online from now until January 1st, and we will send you a second surprise Paolita in the same size! Merry Christmas from us to you! We thought you could use it for your vacation! 

Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Paolita! Last week we hosted an exclusive shopping and spa event at Wakeman Road Members Only Spa, Wednesday evening we attended the UK Lingerie Awards as a finalist for Swimwear Brand of the Year, yesterday, we had a Paolita press day at our boutique on 18 New Quebec Street!

We may be a little tired at Paolita, but it was worth it! The events have been a blast, and we are so honoured to have had the recent experiences that we’ve had and to be included in such a prestigious award! Paolita has gotten the chance to get to know our wonderful fans, meet other luxury brands, and participate in amazing events! Congratulations to all the other brands up for Swimwear Brand of the Year and this year’s winner, Pistol Panties!

After an exciting night at the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards, we got up bright and early to host our own Paolita press day at the boutique! It was so much fun! We are thrilled we got to host so many members of the press. Oh, and we loved the tropical cupcakes and goody bags! We definitely hid just a couple of those for ourselves… Just kidding! But we did have really amazing brands participate with us, including Black & Brown London, Voda, Korres, and Drop Dead Chocolates.

Even with our busy schedule, though, we haven’t forgotten that we promised to give you a sneak peek of Paolita’s brand new, hot off production, 2014 collection! Three of our lines, including Opium, Siam, and Electric Birds, have arrived, and the rest are soon to follow! Please come in to get your brand new Paolita just in time for Christmas! If you need any help deciding what to get, we’ve got you covered there, as well! Not only can our friendly staff help you pick out the perfect design, but we’ve also created a Gift Guide just for you!

Happy Holidaze! At least, it feels like a daze to us we’ve had so many cool opportunities this year!

The Hydra Bikini from the Opium collection! We're just dying over how beautiful it turned out. 


The Samui Bikini! This bold bikini comes from the Siam collection, and we could not be happier with how it turned out! And how awesome is that turban?

And finally, we are pleased to present the Electric Lime bikini! This gem comes from the Electric birds bikini! 

Can't wait to see more? Then come check out these collections in store and grab a look book to drool over the rest that are still to come! We can't wait to see you! 

The Paolita press days! Yum! How good do those chocolates look?

The crazy Paolita team having some fun at the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards

Here is our set up at the Wakeman Road spa for our shopping and spa extravaganza!

We know that you really want to meet the rest of the Paolita team, but we just had to interrupt the series to make a very important announcement. Drum roll, please…

Not only was Paolita nominated for the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards as Swimwear Brand of the Year, but we just found out that we have been selected as a finalist! Oh.Em.Gee. We could not be more thrilled!

The UK Lingerie Awards is going to be the lingerie event of the year. From fashion editors and corporate lingerie buyers to swimwear specialists and retail executives, the attendees and judging panel includes the best of the best in lingerie… we’re just excited to be invited to the party, not to mention the amazing venue. Considering that the event has doubled in size since last year, it will now be held in the b-e-a-utiful. Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden to encompass all the fun! The awards ceremony takes place on December 4 at 7:30. We can’t wait! But we couldn’t have done it without our amazing fans!

You guys are incredible, and Paolita could not be luckier to have you. Your constant support and love means the world to us! We’ll of course keep you posted with the awards results, but fashion magazine Lingerie Insight will also cover the event if you want to follow their updates, as well. If you are dying to attend the event, tickets are available here.

Thank you again for all the Paolita love! As for the other finalists, Paolita would like to extend congratulations to all on your nominations, and we’ll see you at the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards! Wish us luck! 

The amazing Freemason's Hall in Covent Garden where the awards ceremony will take place on December 4, 2013 at 7:30. 

We think a Paolita bikini would dress up one of these trophys just perfectly! Think they're made out of real gold? ;)



Here at Paolita we could not be more excited about Halloween! Well… At least our crazy team couldn’t be. They insisted on decorating the Paolita storefront and styling Paolita Halloween costumes. We decided to let them have their fun, and the Halloween ideas turned out great! In fact, we’re going to have to fight over who can wear which Paolita Halloween costume… Can’t have anyone show up at the same party wearing the same thing, can we? Take a look below for a few Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for any scary occasion you have planned this year!

Sassy Sailor!

We paired the beautiful navy Carmen Miranda with a simple white skater skirt, red heels, and some anchor accessories to create this fun and easy look! For a twist on this look, you could use the magenta Carmen Miranda with a navy skater skirt and white heels instead! Either way, you’ll be ready for salt, sea, and Halloween with the Sailor Paolita costume!


Beachy Barbie!

Grab your pink lace Neon Hoody, put it over a bikini top and some neon leggings, a cute pair of sandals and sunglasses, and you’re ready to go! This look is flirty, cute, and best of all, easy to create at home! If you’re up to the challenge, Paolita also thought this look would be amazing with roller blades! Barbie is an active girl, after all!


Wicked Witch!

A fun, sexy twist on a classic costume! The witch is perfect for the girl who likes to be a little naughty. We styled the Paolita witch costume using the black Carmen Miranda, a sheer high-low skirt, some sparkly pumps, and a great lacy hat! Hop on your broomstick, and you’ll be a sensation at any Halloween party! This would also look great with leather leggings and a sequin blazer if it’s cold!


Hula Hottie!

Perfect the girl who loves to move her hips, the Paolita hula costume is playful and easy to dance in! We chose the Malibu bikini from the Sunset collection for this look. Put on a grass skirt and some leis to complete the look! Simple, done. Spray some texturizer in damp hair, and let it dry naturally for a wavy look. Bonus points for the Paolita hula costume if you have a ukulele and can actually play it!


Come in and grab your favorite Paolita to create your Halloween look! Have fun and be safe, everyone! Happy Halloween from the Paolita team! 

This next member of the Paolita family is very close to our hearts! There is no denying that Paolita is an amazing swimwear brand, but it definitely would not be as fabulous as it is without our Managing Director, Joseph! He’s been with Paolita from the very start, and he has taken on all the difficult behind-the-scenes business tasks that are necessary to keep Paolita running.

Anna Paola had the designs and creative eye, but Joseph had the business savvy. It was a match made in swimwear heaven. With the amazing designs in hand, Joseph had the sales experience and the marketing know-how to take Paolita to the next level. Thanks to his help, Paolita has a global presence, selling in 20 countries!

Not only has Joseph been an asset to the company in terms of business strategy, marketing, sales, and public relations, but Joseph also has great personal style. Marching into the Paolita office every day wearing a suit and perfectly mismatched, striped shirt and colorful bowtie, it was obvious that he would be perfect for the festive Paolita brand with all of the swimsuit prints colliding into each other just right.  

It really is no doubt that Joseph chose the Darwin Tie-Side Bikini from the Masai collection with its mixed-and-matched gingham prints as his favorite Paolita design! It is beautiful, but sadly, we don’t think it would look that good on you Joseph… Just teasing! Maybe we can make a special Masai swim trunk just for you! 

Don't Anna Paola and Joseph look great at one of the Paolita fashion shows? We think so! 

We just knew that Joseph would have chosen a bikini from the Masai collection! Here he is with the Darwin Tie-Side Bikini!

Come in and check it out today! 


Hey everyone! We are really excited to introduce you to this next member of the Paolita team. Say hello to the newest member of Paolita, our fearless intern: Daniel! He liked Paolita so much that he came all the way from Bogota, Colombia to work for us!

Daniel is a student at the Universidad de la Sabana, where he studies Marketing and International Logistics Administration. Whoo, now, that is a mouthful! We're glad Paolita doesn't have to say the title of that major on a daily basis. Besides, we think we’re much better at swimwear design, and we’ll leave the marketing to Daniel.

Although Daniel is only 21, he hopped on a plane to the UK, and we are so glad to have him! When we asked him why he was drawn to Paolita, his answer assured us that he would be a great fit. (Not that we had any doubts!) Daniel had heard about Paolita all the way in Colombia and was really impressed by the designs and prints. Flattery will get you far, Daniel.

Of course, hard work is important, too. Daniel has been a real asset to Paolita. He combines his love of fashion and applies the same creative concepts to our marketing and public relation needs. He’s an expert at social media, and he says that it has been his favorite part of working with Paolita! Next to getting to see the amazing designs, of course. His favorite Paolita is the Carmen Miranda from the 2013 Voyage collection. Are you sure you’re not a fashion expert, too, Daniel? Because you’ve got great taste! 

Daniel is hard at work on press materials at Paolita! 

Looking good with that navy Carmen Miranda, Daniel! 

Make sure to check the blog next week for our final installment of the Meet the Paolita Team series! 

We finally have our first pieces begin their journey from the factory to our headquarters here in London and it has definitely been a journey.  Here are some clips of our photoshoot which was shot in Naxos with some wild models! 


I think I took it a little too literal when I was trying to think of cool new ways to photograph my swimwear...

Can anybody guess which Greek island we shot our campaign in?

Attica, the most exclusive department store in Greece gave us the wonderful opportunity to create a 'Paolita' installation in one of their windows.  Here are some images of the making of it!

After finishing the graphics for the backround, I joined forces with the incredibly talented sculptor Ioanna Pantazopoulou.  In order to make the head piece our 'Carmen Miranda' would wear.   On a side note...  for those of you who don't know her, she has exhibited her massive installations around the world and below is my absolute favourite piece which was bought by one of the board members of the Guggenheim Museum.

Unfortunately, I don't actually have any images of Ioanna working on the piece because my camera had run out of battery, but below are some images of the final piece:

Then there was the matter of building the massive frame for the window which had to be dressed in this seasons Masai print.  We had to dress one 4 meter plank and two 2 meter planks which then had to be transported and assembled.

Here is the finished piece... the tape is still on the sign because the glue hadn't even dried yet.  I will definitely be going back in order to get much better images of it!  I never got round to it earlier because I had to take the boat the next morning to start shooting the 2014 collection.

I adore this video Davide Gentile made for Lux using our Carmen Miranda.


Stooshe jetted off to Los Angeles this summer, but the band girls made sure to take their Paolita swimwear with them!

Karis poses in our Carmen Miranda! The La Jolla bikini, a style perfect for girls with lots of curves, is beautiful on Alexandra, and Courtney looks stunning in the Mimosa bikini featured here in neon pink!

The girls of Stooshe weren't the only ones to rock Paolita over the summer, though. Fashionvibe blogger, Zina Charkoplia, was also spotted hanging out in Paolita. The Barcelona based blogger made her way to Mykonos over the summer, and she made sure to bring her favorite Paolita bikini with her, the Sonora. We couldn't be more thrilled, and we didn't even get to go to the beautiful island!

Nileta, also a fashion blogger, made a point to send us a picture of herself wearing Paolita, too! We definitely think that she makes a splash in the Corsica bikini, don't you agree? Make sure you check out her amazing blog! We promise that we're not just saying that because she did a post exclusively on Paolita, either. 

Charlene Yurun Xia, the fashion editor at FHM China, loves Paolita for spending her days in the sun, as well! Here she is in Thailand, looking beautiful in the Cassis bikini. We absolutely adore the straw hat that she chose to pair with it! 

Of course, there are so many different ways to wear a Paolita! How do you wear yours? Make sure to let us know by liking us on facebook and sending a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Paolita!


This is the last week you guys can check out the installation Anna Paola set up for Paolita in the Attica Department store window.  We can't wait to see what she does next year.

How Gorgeous is this shoot that was done by Lydia Garde and Holly Cox for Bloginity!

Curious about the brilliant team behind Paolita? Let’s introduce you! First up, we would love for you to meet the brains behind the operation! The designer, the lovely Anna Paola!

Although Anna Paola is the designer and Paolita brand creator, we have to say: She is unlike any other designer out there. Anna Paola actually studied Psychology before she made the transition into fashion.  Here at Paolita, we are so glad that she chose to make the career change! What would we wear to the beach if she didn’t?

After studying psychology, Anna Paola made the move to Milan to study fashion, even though she did not speak any Italian. (Good thing she is a fast learner!) Anna Paola then worked for Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan, but she knew she wanted to design her own line.

Paolita really encompasses all of Anna Paola’s life. From collections inspired from the great works of art that filled her home growing up and her own Mexican heritage to the bird chosen for the Paolita logo after her mother, Robin, Paolita really is an extension of Anna Paola herself.

When asked about the best part of her job, Anna Paola said that she loves the challenges she always comes across, as she is involved in the entire design process from start to finish. We thought she would say getting to work with her amazing team, but we guess it is pretty cool getting to see your designs come to life, too.

Anna Paola really does put her heart and soul into designing every piece for Paolita, from the fabrics (which she designs herself) to the cuts. That’s how you know that you are going to get really amazing swimwear and beachwear from Paolita. It’s also probably why Anna Paola had such a difficult choosing a favourite when we questioned her. However, she settled on the "Mandalay" from the Deco collection! Check it out on the Paolita website! And make sure to check back next week to meet the rest of the Paolita team! 

Anna Paola hard at work on a pattern design with another member of the team, Natalie... Up next week on the blog!

Sigh... Anna Paola admiring all the different, beautiful, we gotta-have-them-all! fabrics. 

Anna Paola with her favorite design from the Deco line, the beautiful, fun, and flirty "Mandalay" top in the Paolita boutique! Make sure to like us on facebook for special announcements! 

Miss Italy, Nadia Bengala in a Paolita swimsuit

I just came across these photos of Nadia Bengala, the former Miss Italy, wearing Paolita! She looks GORGEOUS! She is wearing the 'Nauti' which was specially customised for her with Swarovski crystals [See Pics] .




We are so pleased to present, Natalie! Starting as a design intern for a month this past Easter, Natalie has now joined the Paolita team full-time. Natalie studied at the London College of Fashion, and we are lucky to have her work here at Paolita!

Natalie decided to go into fashion because she loves that she can imagine something and then create that. Most of you probably have not given much thought to pattern cutting, but we can assure you that it is incredibly difficult. However thankfully, Natalie does not let that discourage her. She faces the challenges of pattern cutting head on and actually finds it is one of her favourite parts of working for Paolita! Since Natalie pattern cuts the swimwear designs here at Paolita, you can thank her for the great cuts and shapes! We just cannot wait to see her work in the highly anticipated 2014 line when it comes off production! Her talent does not end at pattern creation and pattern cutting, though. She also has an eye for colour and prints, too.

The beautiful colors and prints at Paolita are one of the things that drew her to the brand. At Paolita, Natalie has really gotten the chance to jump into the design process and has become an important element in our design team. Print design is something that Natalie would like to work with more in the future, which is probably why she chose the Cupid’s Kiss bikini from the Sugar Skull collection as her favorite. Don’t worry, Natalie, we get it… the prints on that bikini are to die for! 


Natalie shows off her talents as she tapes a bikini top design, so she can later create and cut the pattern! 

In the Paolita boutique, Natalie shows off her favourite bikini: the Cupid's Kiss from the Sugar Skull collection!

Make sure you check back next Wednesday to get to know the next member of the Paolita team! 

swimsuit photoshoot by Dolci Follie

How FABULOUS is this photoshoot by Dolci Follie?!


Swim and beachwear designer Anna Paola launched her first collection at ORA in London last night. .......

[Full article]


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